[Long] [ze] [steel] [wood] [] [limit] [Company] [company] advantages Description: Business: Wugang wear plates, wear plates, wear plate Wugang NM360, NM360 resistance grinding plate spot, NM360 wear plate prices, Wuyang steel plate NM400 NM400 wear resistant steel plate NM400 wear plate spot my company for many years focused on the wear plate, shelf following grades: Domestic new steel / Wugang / Dragons wearable Plate: NM360 NM400 NM450 NM500 domestic Baosteel wear resistant high manganese steel Mn13: MN13 Sweden SSAB imported wear resistant steel: HARDOX400 HARDOX450 HARDOX500 HARDOX550 HARDOX600 JFE, Japan imported wear resistant steel plate: JFE-EH400 JFE-EH500 Nippon Steel imported wear resistant steel : WEL-HARD400 WEL-HARD500 supply ThyssenKrupp of Germany imported wear resistant ..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Miao Zong Camp (Mr.)
    Tel: 0635-8703072
    Fax: 0635-7077583
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